Game of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock


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Game of Thrones Vinyl Record Wall Clock

A Time-Traveling Classic Black Vinyl Record Wall Clock
As a vehicle for sound and music, The 12inch vinyl record has occupied almost the entire 20th century which has a very high value of collection.
With wonderful design of our team, we have produced a series of artistic wall clock in vinyl record style which perfectly combine with vinyl record and modern industrial engineering.
We use different elements as the background of the clock during the productive process to make the clock look more personal.
When those artistic closes are placing in your office, house or coffee shop, it would be cool.

A wonderful gift for your friends - Imagine the look on your friend's face when you and your friends open the box and find his new favourite wall vinyl record clock with unique design. You put in the extra effort to find something WAY better than a regular gift!

Pay attention , please using AA Carbon-based batteries(Prepare Yourself)
Carbon-based batteries are recommended. Carbon-based batteries have an advantage of low current and are suitable for using in wall clocks.
It is not suitable to use alkaline battery because The movement of the clock would be damaged easily with its large currents, affecting the life of the movement, as well as the accuracy of running time.

Product Description

Size: 12 inches Diameter
Battery Type: 1 AA Battery (Not included)
Clock Movement: Quartz, noiseless movement