72 Shots Star Caps  


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72 Shots Star Caps  

Toy Cap Guns are not recommended for children under 5 years old

Cap Gun Caps should keep your youngster busy (and noisy) for hours of play.

Every boy loves to make lots of noise. Caps for the Cap Gun, what better way for them to entertain themselves?


Caps for toy guns may be hazardous if misused.
Do not shoot caps indoors
Do not fire caps closer than 30 cm from a person’s ear (that includes the cat and the dog)
Don’t carry loose caps in your pocket
Cap Gun Safety Rules (Your House Rules)

Treat every gun with respect, either loaded or empty
Unload the gun when not in use
Never point or shoot your gun at anyone, either loaded or unloaded
Store your gun and ammunition separately
Hold this cap gun at arm’s length when firing